About Wallet

Welcome to the LACED Wallet.

Winning on LACED gets you more than just sneakers.You can get paid for flipping sneakers in auctions with absolutely no seller fees!

We created an in-app wallet to manage all of your transactions to withdraw your earnings or for buying more bids for upcoming auctions.

Once you complete a flip and money is in the wallet, link your PayPal account to withdraw the available funds. Each payout takes 1-3 business days. There is a 25¢ fee for each transaction.

Let’s explain how the LACED Flip Feature works.

Winning your third auction will unlock the option to either claim a sneaker or flip it.

By selecting flip, you will be offered the current market price for the sneaker you won, ex., (NikeDunk Low $200)

Please reach out to support with any questions [email protected].

But wait there’s more! Share and promote your auction because the more your sneaker sells for on LACED, the more you earn! If your Nike Dunk Low sells for $25 in auction, you will receive an extra $25 (auction price) on top of the $200 (market price) already earned!

Once your auction closes, the money will be transferred to your LACED Wallet in the app. Link your PayPal account to your wallet to transfer the funds. There is a 25¢ fee per transaction. 

Please reach out to support with any questions [email protected].